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Miscellaneous Antibacterial Antibiotics

General Toxicity Notes
Excreted Unchanged %
Half-Life (NormalESRD) hours
Plasma Protein Binding %
Volume of Distribution L/kg
Dose for Normal Renal Function
500 mg-1.25 g q12h
Second Dose
Adjustment for Renal Failure Method
D, I
Adjustment for Renal Failure GFR, mL/min >50 [Recommended Level]
1 g q12-24h [A]
Adjustment for Renal Failure GFR, mL/min 10-50 [Recommended Level]
1 gq24-96h [A]
Adjustment for Renal Failure GFR, mL/min <10 [Recommended Level]
1 g q4-7d [A]
Supplement for Dialysis [Recommendation Level]: IHD
IHD: Dose for GFR <10
Supplement for Dialysis [Recommendation Level]: PD
PD: Dose for GFR <10
Supplement for Dialysis [Recommendation Level]: CRRT
CRRT: Dose for GFR 10-50, [A]
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Toxicity Notes
In patients with renal failure, vancomycin serum concentrations may be overestimated by fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA) and radioimmunoassay (RIA) testing methods due to interference from the biologically inactive vancomycin breakdown product, crystalline degradation product (CDP-1). The monoclonal enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT) is not affected by CDP-1 accumulation.